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Wilson Spiral Brushes are available in nylon, brass (for copper tubes), steel, and stainless steel. Remember to always match metals.

For your cleaning and finishing needs, Brush Research offers high quality abrasive nylon and tube brushes. Place an order for your abrasive nylon and tube brushes today.

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Superseal brushstrip: Special brushstrip: Rollerbrush and punched knot: Anti-static brushes: Seals for doors and windows: Escalator Safetystrip: Wire and abrasive

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Spin Grit Brushes for Smooth Bore Tubes: Abrasive brush with silicone carbide impregnated nylon recommended for brass tubes. This brush is made oversized, so the

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Available in sizes from 1/8″ thru 3″ diameters, these ring handle tube brushes are made in carbon steel, stainless steel, nylon, brass or natural filaments.

NYALOX, the original abrasive nylon brushes, has been redesigned to improve performance over a broader range of uses.

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Abrasive Nylon Brushes Abrasive grit encapsulated into the extruded nylon filament allows an abrasive nylon brush to perform deburring, edge blending, and

Gordon Brush manufactures spiral brushes including: tube cleaning, refrigeration, bottle cleaning, duct and pipe cleaning, and micro-spiral brushes.

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Tupros is an industrial provider of heat exchanger & boiler tube plugs, brushes and tube maintenance tooling.

Twisted In Wire Brushes Tube Cleaning brushes: these brushes are available in a single-stem/single-spiral construction for hand use or a in a double