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Retainers are really common. In fact, most s have to wear a retainer for at least a little while after getting their braces taken off. Find out more.

Keep your retainer fresh smelling with these retainer cleaning tablets – Retainer Brite 3 Month Supply. Great for clear orthodontic aligners, plastic and wire Hawley

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The bacteria that can build up on teeth may also build up on a retainer. When should a retainer be cleaned and what are the myths about retainer cleaning?

In order for a retainer to carry out its proper function, it must fit the teeth snugly to prevent shifting. Depending upon your particular situation, you may be

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How Long Do You Have to Wear a Retainer After Your Braces Come Off?

The best-known removable retainer is the Hawley retainer, which consists of a metal wire that typically surrounds the six anterior teeth and keeps them in place.

How to Clean Your Retainer. When you wear a retainer for a number of hours, plaque and bacteria build up on the appliance. This article explains how to use household

It’s exciting to finally get your braces off and move into the retainer stage. Here are a few things you should know about the different types of retainers.

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Jul 31, 2009 · DD has to have an MRI tmorrow, I completely forgot she has a permanent retainer in her lower teethby the time I realized the imaging center was

Remove your retainer before eating. Eating food with a removable retainer in your mouth can damage the retainer and will almost certainly cause food to get stuck in

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