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The gopher tortoise is an obligate burrower with many adaptations for digging. The limbs are very stout and strong, with wide flat claws. The front legs are protected

FEEDING TORTOISES. A wild Gopherus polyphemus (Florida gopher tortoise) browses upon leaves and flowers in its natural

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Tortoise food. There is immense confusion and misinformation about what to feed tortoises. I have seen many websites and pet stores disseminating completely wrong

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Green Tortoise Hostel San Francisco. connecting world travelers and adventurers since 1974. Green Tortoise Hostel San Francisco. connecting world travelers and

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Use of the terms turtle, tortoise, and terrapin. Differences exist in usage of the common terms turtle, tortoise, and terrapin, depending on the variety of English

Aug 07, 2009 · Video embedded · toby the tortoise gets RANDY This feature is not available right now. Please try again later.

GTS or “Golden Tortoise Society” members can be assured their beloved desert tortoise pet will be moved to the top of the rehoming list following the custodian

Leopard Tortoise Stigmochelys (Geochelone) pardalis ; Introduction. The Leopard Tortoise Stigmochelys (Geochelone) pardalis is a large grazing species that favors

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Species: Seychelles giant tortoise: Sex: Male: Born: Unknown; thought to be in 1832 Seychelles: Owner: Government of Saint Helena

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How to Sex Tortoises. Just bought a tortoise and wondering whether your new friend is male or female? Your tortoise is unlikely to just come right out and tell you

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