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Most acorn worms range from 9 to 45 centimetres (3.5 to 17.7 in) in length, with the largest species, Balanoglossus gigas, reaching 1.5 metres (5 ft) or more.

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Those hit by the worm were asked to pay a ransom to have their data restored. The newspaper said the NSA report claims that the worm was created by a hacker group

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Worms are in a very broad category that is not officially classified in any scientific sense. While most worms are limbless invertebrates, some worms are actually

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Nook Industries offers worm gear screw jack systems that can be used individually or in multiple arrangements. Learn more about these systems today.

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Informal grouping. In everyday language, the term worm is also applied to various other living forms such as larvae, insects, millipedes, centipedes, shipworms

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OpenWorm is an open source project dedicated to creating a virtual C. elegans nematode in a computer.

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There are two types of worm gears, cylindrical type (Worm Power Drive) and drum-shaped type (Troi Drive). Accommodates a variety of applications with the extensive

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For 39 years, the High Country has hosted the annual Woolly Worm Festival. Come join us on the third weekend of October for endless fun and excitement for the whole